MPP147: My Beautiful Friends, The End

Well, all good things must come to an end. And things like Mind Poison do too. I mean really, the saying just should be “things must come to an end.” But it’s time for Mark and Jesse to hang up the headphones – we present to you, the Final Episode of Mind Poison. The Boys […]

MPP146: Space Forever

Don’t you think you’ve had enough of those dang Olympics by now? Why don’t you take a freaking break from International Handball or whatever and try some Mind Poison on for size? I mean, Savannah Guthrie and Mike Tirico aren’t going to fill you in on all the hot topics like Mark and Jesse will… […]

MPP145: Little Dickie B. and the Boys

[vogue, strike a pose, etc.]… Look, I’ve been there – I know it’s hard to pay total attention with the flashbulbs constantly going off in your face. But keep one eye on the runway and one eye over your shoulder, because a couple of newly-minted fashionistas are hot on your tail. That’s right – Mark […]

MPP144: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off From Work

From IMDB: An employee is determined to have a day off from work, despite what his boss thinks of that. Sounds like a good one! On this episode of Mind Poison, Mark and Jesse talk about Big Changes at Subway, some Hot New Reboot Ideas, and the 4th of July (a week or so too […]

MPP143: Fish Mix & Thick Sauce

Well, here it is. A day late and a dollar short. Actually… a day late, and *so* many dollars short. It’s getting pretty grim over here, if I’m being honest. But anyways, a belated Mind Poison is better than no Mind Poison, right? In this episode, Mark and Jesse get into Local Carnivals, Billionaires in […]

MPP142: Always Bet On Jaysen

Golf Fandom. Neighborhood Rivalries. The History of the A-shirt. What do these things have in common? (Besides the fact that you may not care about any of them…) They are all parts of the Mind Poison 142nd episode “spectacular!” Right here – exclusively on the internet. Check it out, and don’t forget to have some […]

MPP141: General Malaise

We’re back after a longer than expected break! Hopefully we were ever present in your hearts. Because that’s one place we never – EVER – want to leave. And honestly will probably put up a fight if you ever try. Should we have done this when we were together in person? Sure, you bet, but […]


This is a podcast within a grab bag. Do you like that kind of thing? If so, you may be ready. Are you ready for a Mind Poison Podcast grab bag challenge? If so, and again, you may be ready… and there is little else for you to do now… and not much of a […]

MPP139: Xfinity Stan

…And we’re back! Coming in hot and heavy with another hour – almost your recommended daily allowance – of Mind Poison. Use only as directed. For this episode, Mark and Jesse talk about COVID Definitely Being Totally Over, Traveling Once Again, and Small Town Gossip. Plus, what’s new and hot on Peacock!

MPP138: The Real American Quiz

So, it has come crashing down and it hurts inside. Whatchoo gonna do, brother? Well, one thing you could do is listen to Mind Poison. You could say this episode has it all. It’d be wrong, but you could say it. But it does have talk about Aliens, Helping Strangers, Dad Movies, Multi-Headed Shark Attack […]