MPP122: Rubbing is Racing

It’s another Mind Poison, coming at you fresh from last week, on the night of The Big News. Obviously, The Big News gets talked about. You’ve probably heard a lot of takes by now, but get ready for more with varying degrees of heat. You can’t avoid the Big News! Also here: Mark got a […]

MPP121: Double Thumbs-Up Cool

It’s 2021, but Mark and Jesse always party like it’s 1999. They may have celebrated a little too hard on NYE – there was a LOT of Seacrest to get through that night – and the result is a rambling hour of Mind Poison. They talk cars, NBA Jam, some resolutions, and a 2020 year […]

MPP120: Pounding Back A Dark One

We made it to the very last Mind Poison of 2020, and Mark and Jesse say goodbye to the year that was with a bang! And by “bang” we mean basically avoiding it – it’s hard to plan for special episodes, okay? And don’t even get me started on being busy around the Holidays – […]

MPP119: Cam Solo

Heyy youuu guyyys! (Like in the Goonies, get it?!?!) Episode 2 of Mind Poison Project restart here. Mark and Jesse are back up to their old tricks again, talking about food and Ghost Adventures – they got a picture of a real ghost on this one, folks. And since we’re all in the mood for […]

MPP118: The Welcome Back

Don’t look now – Mind Poison is back! After a long and (questionably) deserved break, Mark and Jesse are back in the old recording room, serving up another heaping helping of Mind Poison. Answering the burning questions… Should you donate to Wikipedia? Should we feel bad for Rudy G.? Is Bill Gates programming bots to […]

MPP117: In Defense Of The Time Capsule

It’s Mind Poison, comin’ at ya so fast that you won’t even see what hit you. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, or whatever boxing reference floats your boat. No boxing in this episode, though. The Boys do try to talk about the current events without getting too depressed… mixed results on that […]

MPP116: Garlic Reverb

Put the kids to bed, or at least plug their ears for seventy minutes, because the Bad Boys of Podcasting are here! Lots of cussing and backtalk and being rebellious overall. So get ready for Mark and Jesse. Oh, they know where the line is… but they have no problem crossing it. Bad Boys! Also, […]

MPP114: Faith-Based Haircut

What’s up everyone? Welcome to the first new Mind Poison of mid-May 2020 – what a time to be alive. Get ready for a heck of an episode. It’s a real barn burner! Or as your hosts so eloquently put it – “we did what we do best, which is talked.” Horoscopes, Haircuts at Home, […]

MPP113: Dangerous Breath

Oh look, it’s more Mind Poison. This week we’re in with a whisper and out with a bang. Or something. Honestly, both the in and the out are more whisper-like. This week on the show, Mark and Jesse talk about Deep Breathing, Skinemax, and Buying a Couch Sight Unseen. What kind of person would even […]