This is a podcast within a grab bag. Do you like that kind of thing? If so, you may be ready. Are you ready for a Mind Poison Podcast grab bag challenge? If so, and again, you may be ready… and there is little else for you to do now… and not much of a […]

MPP139: Xfinity Stan

…And we’re back! Coming in hot and heavy with another hour – almost your recommended daily allowance – of Mind Poison. Use only as directed. For this episode, Mark and Jesse talk about COVID Definitely Being Totally Over, Traveling Once Again, and Small Town Gossip. Plus, what’s new and hot on Peacock!

MPP138: The Real American Quiz

So, it has come crashing down and it hurts inside. Whatchoo gonna do, brother? Well, one thing you could do is listen to Mind Poison. You could say this episode has it all. It’d be wrong, but you could say it. But it does have talk about Aliens, Helping Strangers, Dad Movies, Multi-Headed Shark Attack […]

MPP137: Long Catch

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, in sickness and in health, to forgive all our tresspasses. Tresspasses in this episode include discussing the Oscars from like forever ago, Kids and MMA, and Catching a Ball thrown from Very Far Away. Thank you for the Mind Poison you are about to receive, for richer or […]

MPP136: No Ghosts at the Dump

Let’s get this party started. Throw your hands in the air. Dance like no one is watching. Heck yeah, that should get you hyped for this episode! If that won’t do it, nothing will. This time around, The Masters of Mind Poison are all about streaming, so make sure your internet speed is up to […]

MPP135: The State v. Wally

Uh-oh – Mind Poison o’clock. 4:20 is taken, so I guess we’d be… 1:16 in the afternoon, how’s that sound? Can you convert numbers to times, or is that just for geniuses to figure out. Anyways, you can listen to this episode whenever you want. Or don’t – it’s a free country! (At least when […]

MPP134: Craft Vaccine

The 2020 flu vaccine was fine – a little disappointing because it’s one of my favorite seasonals. It paled in comparison to the 2018 batch (the one with formaldehyde bouquet). I’ve heard this new one is *just like the flu* so I’m giving it a shot (squirts some in the air from the vial and […]

MPP133: The Old Purple Hand

SPRING BREAK*! Get out your sandals, blow up those arm floaties and get ready to build a sick sand castle, ‘cuz it’s time to get away from that homework for a week and cut loose. Studies have shown (Spring Break Quarterly, Vol. 34 – 2019) that listening to Mind Poison will enhance everyone’s enjoyment of Spring […]

MPP132: Mr. D-Pad

This week’s episode is brought to you by Lowell’s Poles. Got a flag and nowhere to hang it? Looking for a fun (and sensual) new way to exercise? Or maybe you need to vault something? Come on down to Lowell’s – he’s got the right pole for you! On this week’s show, your hosts with […]

MPP131: So You Have Yourself A Lustful Eye

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day… don’t forget to wear green! Otherwise you will be ostracized by friends and family, and you don’t want that. I wish Mark and Jesse were swimming in green beer and rubbing 4 leaf clovers all over their bodies this week (that’s how you celebrate it, right?), but they’ve had a rough […]