MPP014: Lake Cred

The Mind Poison Podcast guys face their toughest challenge yet when Mark’s power goes out. But these two are the strong, committed types that overcome *all* obstacles – or at least the ones that go away on their own after a few minutes. Eventually they talk about World Peace, Net Neutrality, and Buildings Named After […]

MPP013: Live! The Lava Lamp Chronicles: Part I

It’s a very special episode! The Mind Poison Podcast guys are coming at you LIVE from the same room for the first time ever! They take this opportunity to get knee deep in nostalgia, and get emotional reminiscing about their long and storied history together. Just kidding – they mostly talk about Mark’s lava lamp. […]

MPP011: We ARE the Sandwich Lobby

This week your dearest friends at the Mind Poison Podcast talk about mass shootings, how to fix a broken United States Government, and sandwiches. And buckle up kiddos – Jesse’s got actual audio from his neighbor’s noisy light! And there’s that pesky e-mail again – Write to it, won’t you?

MPP010: There’s a Conspiracy At Foot

This week, your devilishly handsome friends at Mind Poison are celebrating their 10th episode. That’s right, DOUBLE DIGITS! They talk about the (probably not-happening) North Korea/US summit, the Jurassic World trailer, and the dating apps the kids are using these days. Plus, Mark went to the library and didn’t get kicked out! And finally, Jesse […]

MPP009: Very Landon Donovan-y

Right now, in this very special episode, the boys of Mind Poison try to figure out Mansplaining and get  into natural disasters (sadly, NOT the tag team from the early 90’s). Jesse talks about those odd conversations that straddle the line between discussions and fights, and Mark took a bad flight back from a rad […]

MPP008: Stop talking, here’s a thing

In this here episode, your friends at Mind Poison Podcast talk about the demise of Toys R Us and dancing at weddings. Plus: Jesse doesn’t know much about Twitter, Mark went to a high school play, and they both get more and more belligerent as the show goes on. And hey! Do you like e-mail? […]

MPP007: Too Much Mate

It’s episode 007 and the Mind Poison guys miss a golden opportunity to discuss James Bond. They DO talk about 4/20, Confederate Memorial Day, and the awful hit CBS series “Blue Bloods,” amongst other things. And remember… Fly balls fade in the wind in left field on any given night, and all dreams die. Let […]

MPP006: Here Comes Good ol’ Toot Toot!

Here in episode six, Jesse gets sad about the weather and Mark gives dating advice. They try to avoid negative spiritual energy while discussing the SB7 Spirit Box, and read a letter about Extreme Rail Gleaming. And… Mind Poison Movie Scoop Alert: Mark knows who plays Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!