MPP124: The Times Are the Times

Hello Friends! Welcome to the last Mind Poison of the Trump era. It was a Wild Ride, but all “good” things must come to an end, eh? (“Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride?” Did anyone ever do anything with that? I know the kids are freakin’ wild about Mr. Toad. Plus, that thing with Stormy Daniels and his genitals!) Regardless, the show must go on, and in this episode Mark and Jesse talk about Our Departing Leader, Hollywoodland, Overacting Teachers, and… Sorry, it’s tough to concentrate – I’ve got a neighbor’s dog going nuts over here. Enough to wake the dead! It’s gone on long enough that I’m like – “Is this person okay? Or doing something that requires complete concentration in a dog-less house for at least 10 minutes?” You think about what that could be… Some of us are trying to do Podcast Notes here, geez! Anyways, here’s another Mind Poison.