MPP106: Call Me City Sleek

Hey yo, we’re all stuck inside and scared, so you know what that means… Drunk Mind Poison! Come and join us while your favorite hosts of Mind Poison talk Adult Onesies and Finding Your Hair Type. Jesse says a lot of things wrong. Plus, Introducing The Bracket of Things! Drop us a line: or […]

MPP105: Plug Guy

Who’s got time for writing episode descriptions with everything going on these days? If you’re sick of COVID-19 talk, this may not be the best place to start your Mind Poison Journey. But, in addition to all the bad news, you’ll hear Mark and Jesse talk about Selling Popcorn Door to Door and Plugs. We’ll […]

MPP104: The Larger Midwest Swimsuit Association

104.1 is a radio station I used to listen to growing up. Now it’s a station that plays what they want, when they want. I liked it more when they played what I wanted! That’s a 104 thing; it makes sense to me at least… This week, Mark and Jesse talk about some Gosh Darn […]

MPP102: Shriner Bros

It’s a magical week! One that only comes once every four years, so make sure to do something awesome for Leap Day. You could treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on for a long time? Finally tell that someone special how you really feel? Or maybe watch 2010’s “Leap Year” starring Amy Adams […]

MPP101: Steyer Bros

It’s episode 101, and you know what that means… Dalmatians! Not really – I just needed something to start the show notes. In this episode, Mark and Jesse officially endorse a candidate for President! So get ready for that Mind Poison bump, lucky Democrat! And if you want to hop on board the Mind Poison […]

MPP100: 5 Times The G

Can an episode go off the rails if it was never on the rails to begin with? Listen now to find out! And hey, while you’re here gimme a high-five to celebrate 100 episodes of Mind Poison! That’s right, Mark and Jesse have done this 100 times. In celebration they play some hits, like getting […]

MPP099: They Call Him Old 4S

This podcast has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit in your ears and edited for content. Content like: Bad Super Bowl Promotions, Drug Tests, and Sleeping Pills. Plus, old 4S got a new phone! Drop us a line: or email us at: to suggest a rant or […]

MPP098: Brain Poison With Jesse & Joey

Hey, Drama sells! Mark and Jesse are starting to feel the 100 episode itch. Is there trouble brewing behind the scenes at Mind Poison? Mark and Jesse are professionals, but it’s hard to ignore all the trade talk. Anyways, they manage to block that out… or do they? Tune in to find out! And hear […]

MPP097: My Puzzling Life

(bunch of cool dudes in fedoras and sunglasses playing an upbeat tune – think The Huey Lewisless News – the horns are just RIPPING man!) It’s Mind Poison! Starring… Mark! … And Jesse! … Featuring… talk of Jigsaw Puzzles! [the sax is just wailing here] And… Anonymous Complaints about Neighbors! With Musical Guests… Mark Talking […]

MPP096: Article Hell

Crikey! Watch out for that Mind Poison! It’s coiled and ready to strike. It’ll probably be okay –  it’s only dangerous if cornered… Snakes! Anyways, here’s another episode of a podcast you sometimes listen to. We’re not too timely on this one, as Mark and Jesse talk the Golden Globe Awards and Predictions on Football […]