MPP114: Faith-Based Haircut

What’s up everyone? Welcome to the first new Mind Poison of mid-May 2020 – what a time to be alive. Get ready for a heck of an episode. It’s a real barn burner! Or as your hosts so eloquently put it – “we did what we do best, which is talked.” Horoscopes, Haircuts at Home, […]

MPP113: Dangerous Breath

Oh look, it’s more Mind Poison. This week we’re in with a whisper and out with a bang. Or something. Honestly, both the in and the out are more whisper-like. This week on the show, Mark and Jesse talk about Deep Breathing, Skinemax, and Buying a Couch Sight Unseen. What kind of person would even […]

MPP112P: The Bandana Drawer

Hey Knuckleheads! Stop doing that Knucklehead stuff and listen to this episode of Mind Poison! (Since insult comics are all the rage these days, we thought we’d get in on that action.) This week on the audio program: Horoscopes, Begrudgingly Defending Trump, and Tales from the Seedy Underbelly of Hollywood Acting Classes. (Note: Tales are […]

MPP111: The Devil’s Grain

What’s shaking, Mind Poison Universe? It’s another episode of that show that you either listen to religiously or accidentally started playing while looking for something else. Mark and Jesse are slowly losing their minds (you might even say they are getting poisoned) and talk about some things they’ve touched on before in this episode. Like […]

MPP110: Salt, Pepper, & MSG

Hey buddies! What does MSG stand for? If you’re in a Mind Poison state of mind, you’d probably think Most Sexy Guys. That’s not it, but maybe you’ll find out in this episode. (I honestly don’t remember if we figure out what it actually stands for. It’s been a long week!) In this episode, the […]

MPP109: I Burp and I Fart and I Don’t Know How To Be Happy

Friends, Countrymen, Citizens of the World: lend me your ears… so we can put a brand new episode of Mind Poison straight in those things! Turns out you’re maybe not supposed to push those cotton swabs in too deep. So maybe Mark and Jesse talking about Drive Thru Liquor Stores, How to Burp, and Fighting […]

MPP108: Lotta Walking Going On

New Mind Poison Drinking Game: take a drink every time Jesse starts a story with “So I was taking a walk….”  Honestly you’d only have three drinks. But still, that’s a high ratio of Taking a Walk Stories to Not Taking a Walk Stories. It’s kind of a COVID-centric episode, but for your consideration we […]

MPP106: Call Me City Sleek

Hey yo, we’re all stuck inside and scared, so you know what that means… Drunk Mind Poison! Come and join us while your favorite hosts of Mind Poison talk Adult Onesies and Finding Your Hair Type. Jesse says a lot of things wrong. Plus, Introducing The Bracket of Things! Drop us a line: or […]

MPP105: Plug Guy

Who’s got time for writing episode descriptions with everything going on these days? If you’re sick of COVID-19 talk, this may not be the best place to start your Mind Poison Journey. But, in addition to all the bad news, you’ll hear Mark and Jesse talk about Selling Popcorn Door to Door and Plugs. We’ll […]